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BREAKING NEWS!!!! King Chango is back and ready to lead the musical fusion charge once again!

From their birth on the mean streets of New York, (named for the Afro-Cuban god of drums and thunder) King Chango quickly leaped to the top of Latin rock's international heap with their 1996 self-titled “masterpiece” debut and 2000 follow up on Luaka Bop, "The Return of El Santo”. Their mix of hard-charging ska, Latin rhythm, and roots reggae converted virgin audiences from Venezuela to Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Denmark, Japan - and everywhere in between - into true believers.

Chango leads the vanguard of a post modern, mix-n-match aesthetic - this multicultural, coed band of Venezuelan, Asian, Dominican, and Filipino members have created something truly exciting and new out of traditional music from mariachi to mambo, dub to cumbia. With roots, rock, trip-hop, dubadelica, sexy love ballads and full bore punk attacks, King Chango is ready to put your head in a figure-four ear-lock and set your body rockin.’

King Chango are Latin party animals out to convert you. The “high energy blitz” of their live show finds impromptu moshers “whipping themselves into a lather.” “You gotta be doing something right when you can keep a crowd of all ages and persuasions jumping around for an hour and a half in a blissful state - fresh, invigorating.” Enthusiastic cheers hail a “masterful job of working the crowd.”

The band believes that the diversity of styles and cultures in their music is exciting and breeds mutual respect and tolerance. It leads you into multicultural music history, politics and revolución and its powerhouse delivery will have you on the edge of your seat if you weren’t already out of it and on the dance floor. Led by the spirited “Blanquito Man” (Venezuelan Andrew Blanco), the band wants only one thing at their shows – for their audiences to have a good time! Says Blanquito Man, “It’s about making people feel... The beauty of King Chango is that we are a band that is 100% from the heart.”

Says Andrew, “I don’t only represent Latin American culture. To me the culture that we represent is African culture. That’s where all our music comes from.” Songwriter Blanco blends the languages in his lyrics. He crosses between Spanish and English very naturally, especially when he can’t quite find the word he needs or wants a stronger rhyme. He will switch back and forth in the same way he and his neighbors do in everyday speech. The lyrics emerge strong and meaningful although the primary function is for dance music. He credits his Venezuelan upbringing and exposure to all kinds of music for opening his perspective. With the high-stepping “Blanquito Man” at the center of the action, his brother, Luis “Negrito Man” Blanco, Luis Ruiz, and Glenda Lee (the awesome chick on bass) complete the core of the group.

King Chango’s frenzied blend of dub, ska and Latin rhythms, their philosophy and joyful, mixed cultural perspective teamed with their equally energetic stage antics have dazzled audiences and music critics around the world. They have ignited audiences in countless clubs throughout the US and at dozens of prestigious music festivals including The Montreal Jazz Festival, New York City’s Central Park Summerstage, Reggae on the Rocks (Denver), Reggae on the River, Clinton’s inaugural ball, Miami’s world famous Calle Ocho Festival and two appearances at Bumbershoot Festival (Seattle). They knocked the Aussies out at the Perth International Arts Festival and the Sydney Festival and have played most major European music festivals: Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Summer Jam in Cologne (Germany), Parkpop (the Hague, Netherlands), Doctorfestival in Spain and Ruisrock in Finland - and more! Consistently topping charts in Venezuela, the Changos have headlined at every major music venue in that country and remain in constant demand.

With a single soon to be released, don’t miss this powerhouse when they come to a venue near you!

La Lucha Continua!!


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